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Inflationary pressures to stimulate efficiency?

Under a fiat currency regime, the purchasing power of currency will continuously be devalued over time as new currency is printed to settle previous debts. In an ideal world, productivity and growth will increase proportionally with the nation’s money supply. Thus the value of money remains stable and static. Unfortunately, since the dawn of mankind, […]

What Does Nicaragua’s HIPC Status Mean For Real Estate Investors?

HIPC is a program started by the IMF and World Bank in the 90’s. It is short for Highly Indebted Poor Countries and Nicaragua joins 39 other poor countries with ongoing debt obligations that are eligible for financial assistance and debt relief under the initiatives. Although the initiative has been criticized by sister organizations such […]

My Transition from Debt Hell to Credit Heaven – Was Most Usual

Before I begin I would like to state how important the work of this website is.  It strong stance on anti debt legislation, should be applauded and doubtlessly helps thousands of vulnerable people avoid and reduce debt misery every month. Now a bit about my story, after almost twenty years operating company of that handled carpet cleaning Glasgow. I thought I was well […]

Why Are We in Debt? The Answer is Simple

For this post, I am only going to focus on personal debt; government debt deserves a series of posts all on it’s own and is not as easily tackled as personal finance can be. Why are so many people in debt? Because we buy too much. The answer really is that simple. We are a […]

Using Charity to Avoid Debt

Those of you who read this blog regularly definitely have a firm grasp of the chaotic strife that can be caused by gross indebtedness.  We mostly discuss here the scourge of debt on a grand scale, however, and don’t touch too much on what can happen to personal finances as a result of debt.  Today […]

Are the Shackles of Debt Fair?

The phrase, the rich get richer while the poor get poorer, is so true when applied to Western financial institutions vs many of the peoples of Africa. Is it right that African nations should still be burdened with debts considering they have, in many cases, paid back far more than was originally borrowed – and […]

How to Avoid Being Bankrupt

No one likes being bankrupt. Unfortunately, the recent financial slump has made the option of bankruptcy an all-too-real possibility for thousands of people across the country. If you’re worried about your finances and you’re looking for a way to avoid getting into too much debt, the following tips are bound to be useful. With the […]

The African Debt Crisis – No Relief In Sight

While some progress has been made in achieving and maintaining debt sustainability in Africa over the past decade, the debt crisis still exists. The debt burdens, which are primarily in the Sub-Saharan African region, are the result of a buildup of foreign debt in the 1970s and 1980s. During those decades, commodity prices were high. […]