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The BBC Coverage of the Eurozone Crisis

For many years in economic terms – the word debt has been synonymous with South America, Africa and the Third World.  We looked on and marvelled at the huge amounts of debt that Mexico and Argentina got into and wondered how they managed to get into that mess.  Yet now we who live in North America and Europe are pretty much in the same boat.  A lot of the causes are the same, ridiculous overspending by our governments and a rather ludicrous consumption driven lifestyle that many of us simply could not afford.  We also of course had a huge selection of badly run and reckless financial institutions formerly known as banks.


You would have thought economists would have seen all this coming, but apart from a rare few – nobody was any wiser than the man on the street.  The crisis in the Eurozone is now likely to affect the lives of each and every one of us for the foreseeable future.  So it’s worth keeping up with events, maybe we can’t effect them but it’s got to be better to be aware of the facts.  They are also very fast moving and of course we all have savings, debts, mortgages and pensions of our own to watch out for.

One of the best place in my opinion to keep up with events is the BBC website.  It’s a well funded and impartial site which is updated 24 hours a day online with the latest news and events.  It’s especially useful if you live away from your home country – I currently live in Turkey and the BBC Iplayer and website is a real lifeline for me.  Normally the BBC Iplayer – which streams the shows and news programmes is restricted to the UK only but you can use a BBC web proxy to get access to.  It’s worth investing in this neat little service as it also allows you to access live news broadcasts and shows from other media sites across the world like the US, Canada and Australia – more information here.

Debt and Wine Makers

Most people don’t realize that a red wine sits in barrel and then bottle for well over 2 years on average.  In terms of debt, you have to pay for grapes for over 3 years before being able to sell a single bottle of wine.

Sucks huh?

For those companies doing a large percentage of wine gifts and wine gift baskets like it evens out a bit, but overall it is a bad way to try and earn a living don’t you think?  Think about a bank having to do the same thing….you buy a house and live in it for 2 years without making a payment.  It just seems crazy doesn’t it?  In wine, that kind of debt is the only way to be in business-so everyone does it!

Why People with a Bad Credit Rating Should Buy an iPhone

Some people think that a bad credit rating is a preserve for certain people because they do not know how to handle their financial issues. Although this is true to some extent, bad credit rating can sometimes be inevitable. There are some people who wish the earth would break so that they can varnish into the ground for good. If you are in this situation, you need not blow off your head with worry because the iphone has an answer to your problem. You need to be reassured that you can still be accepted for a mobile phone contract despite the fact that your credit history appears unsightly. Additionally, if you live in the UK you can also join free online competions to win an iPhone to get an iPhone for free. There are many ways to either buy or win an iPhone. I believe you should carefully look into all you options before selecting a path.

The good news is that when you do your research well, you will discover that there are various tariffs and networks that are willing to help clients with a bad credit rating as well as those lacking a credit history. In fact most of these networks are willing to give you free mobile phone contracts. Besides, you might also be lucky to find affordable monthly tariffs. Studies reveal that most people with bad credits usually shy away from mobile phone contracts and tariffs because they fear that they are not eligible. Nevertheless, they need to be reminded that they can find even new mobile phones and networks that correspond with their needs. The most important thing is to ensure that you do not give up on any prospects of finding what is suitable for your needs.

Apart from thinking about the durability of the handset that you wish to buy, you need to remember that selection of a tariff and phone has to be done prudently. This is because there is a limit that has given so that the provider does not risk heavily since your credit history is not at the same level as that of another person with a clean credit rating.