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Debt, Tourism and Land Values

When globalization first became a word that the media bandied about in the late 1980s, many people were suspicious of the concept. Workers in North America and Europe rightly perceived that their jobs were under threat. Big corporations could save billions by moving operations to developing nations and paying $1 an hour for labor instead of $10.

Now in 2012, people just accept globalization as a part of life. The conscience of many is assuaged by buying Fair Trade and environmentally friendly products. We are told that M&S and the like go out of their way to bring extra benefits to their poorly remunerated workers.

The mechanics of globalization and the injustice it represents has become far more sophisticated and opaque over the years. Take the example of tourism. It now accounts for 30% of the export of world services.

Before places like Thong Nai Pan in Koh Phangan were a beautiful places mostly visited by backpackers. Local people and other Thais could afford to set up small businesses on the beach. They could take out small loans to pay for rent and business start up.

As outside interests realized the true value of the beaches in the area, especially Thong Nai Pan Noi they simply approached the major landlords and made them offers they couldn’t refuse. The result is a luxury tourist enclave. The small local businesses are losing custom and being pushed out the best spots. Because they couldn’t afford to buy the land there is nothing they can do about it. Those remaining are being squeezed by raising rental prices. Besides which the new tourists are being encouraged to stay around the resort pool and spend their money in the hotel.

Google is pushing out websites like that attempt to promote the small businesses in the area. They are colluding with the neo-imperialist agenda of globalization. Trip Advisor, Wikitravel etc. are filler for corporate sites selling expensive hotel rooms. The information highway is not helping small businesses. The net is dominated by reviews of hotels and expensive restaurants. It is not a level playing field. In many ways it is emulating the conditions created by the IMF and World Bank.

In 2008 we witnessed the biggest transfer of wealth in the history of the world from poor to rich. In 2012 we are witnessing the biggest hijack of the net by corporate run entities. The future is bleak and consumers are persuaded to ignore these salient points.

Reducing Debt via Food Self Sufficiency

Rice has been grown in Africa for thousands of years. African rice, Oryza glaberrima, does not have as high yields as Asian rice however it is more resistant to disease. At the time of writing, much of the rice grown in Africa is in fact the Asian variety.

The point about growing indigenous crops is that countries throughout the world, not just African nations would be well advised to grow more food at home so that they do not have to rely so heavily upon food imports and the negative impact this has on a country’s balance of payments. Home grown food not only feeds the population from within but it also puts people to work actually growing the crops.

Rice is a staple food throughout countries known as the ‘3rd World’. It provides nutrients as well as calories. While its macro-nutrient profile is primarily made up of carbohydrate, it may surprise you to learn that it is even a good source of protein.

There are all kinds of traditional dishes that involve rice. People from Western countries are now becoming more interested in rice as it is regarded, quite rightly, as a health food. You can learn how easy it is to cook rice is the U.S:

Depending upon the quantities of rice produced, it may even be possible for African nations to export their surplus. This would help bring in much needed revenues. Of course, reducing the amount of starvation on the continent should be the primary goal. In Mali – Five million face starvation over the coming months. This is a situation that can be avoided if we focus on the problem.

Understand your Personal Debt to Benefit the World Debt Crisis

The ongoing debt crisis plaguing much of the western world can be narrowed to some common denominators.  One of those common denominators is personal debt to include mortgages.  If people take the time to understand their mortgage debt by utilizing an amortization calculator, much can be done to ease the world debt crisis.

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One of the most significant things you will ever do in your life is take out a mortgage and purchase a home. Not only is this a substantial milestone in your life, but there is also a great sense of pride that comes from buying your own house. The process of actually getting a mortgage can be quite tedious however, with the most important issue being to ensure you get a mortgage you can afford, so you can comfortably make the payments each month, without putting yourself and getting behind on your bills.

A mortgage amortization calculator, also known as an affordability calculator, helps you determine how much you can spend on total for a mortgage, using some of your basic information to determine this amount. That includes your basic annual income, annual regular overtime, any annual bonuses you receive, commission, shift allowance, car allowance, pension, and more. This calculator is extremely easy to use, requiring the simple input of some personal data to calculate

You can go online to use a mortgage amortization calculator, or have a mortgage specialist at your bank do it for you. There are various sites online offering these calculators, which you simply enter the required information into and give yourself a more accurate picture of the mortgage loan you can afford, what you will be paying off in interest, along with other details. The most reliable websites offering these calculators are the mortgage provider sites, which offer more accurate and detailed calculations.

With a purchase as large and important as a house, it is only to your benefit to do everything you can to prepare and plan ahead. When you are aware of how much you can afford to pay for your mortgage, you can make sure you get the best deal on your mortgage, with the lowest interest rate, and also more easily determine the fastest way to pay off your mortgage. Working with a mortgage consultant is often one of the best steps to take, as this allows you to get more information and detailed advice from a mortgage professional. They play a vital role in the formulating of your mortgage plan, finding the appropriate mortgage plan based on your personal finances. Working with a professional mortgage planner allows you to take some of the weight off your back, especially when you consider that mortgage services are always changing, varying from one day to the next and between different financial institutions. They can help you choose the lowest rate available for your requirements and get the home of your dreams.

With a mortgage amortization calculator, you can better determine how much you can afford to pay for mortgage payments. This makes it a very valuable instrument when you are deciding on your mortgage loan and trying to determine the best route to take for purchasing a home.  You can even buy manage multiple mortgages online, try using a quick ip address changer to switch locations while you’re trying it. This prevents you from spending too much and ending up getting behind on your bills, which could mean losing your home in the future if you are unable to make your mortgage payments.


Controlling World Debt Financial Crisis

It is not new to us when we heard the word “debt”. It is expected that there are lots of people today are having a problem on their financial situations, so how about the world financial situation? Have we ever asked ourselves, is our world having any financial crisis-related problems? If we answered it no, then we have to open our eyes and know the reality the our world is also experiencing financial crisis like debt. In the recent one century, several cost-effective downturn split out. Some of them were serious and some of them were minimal. However, all of them have massive effects on every aspect of our life especially, social balance, Tilbud Billig, residing conventional and economy.

The first cost-effective problems can track returning to 1929 in United states. It was the greatest and worst one in the investment society. This problems leaded to the production decrease greatly, which is unmatched. The actual amounts of the international trade dropped down at the first time in record. What’s worse, this a catastrophe presented massive failures. For many countries such as United states, Malaysia and Britain, their economic stage dropped returning four decades or more than four decades. If we can not feel the dangerous effects from the far away problems in record, another international problems exploded several decades ago must have afraid concept on all of us. Additionally, concerns from this international cost-effective trouble still not have an end. Tilbud Billig might helped on this issue.

This international problems also came from United states due to its debits. However, United states dollars as the globe cost-effective position made this problems extended all over the globe quickly. The cause of this problems could feature to the housing percolate, United states addiction of consuming. Certainly, the irregular and unhealthy cost-effective development was the direct factors that cause this problems. No matter where and when these downturn happened, to some degree, Tilbud Billig is a process to settle your financial obligations with the lenders. With financial obligations consolidation, a third party or yourself settle with your lenders to come up with a reduced financial obligations that you accept wage. The reduction is usually between 30-60% of the total exclusive financial obligations amount.they introduced huge impacts to the whole globe. During the international cost-effective trouble, the rate of divorce and lack of employment went up. Instead, the residing conventional and consumption stage went down. Thousands of graduate students remained at home instead of tracking for a job.

Although Chinese suppliers was not assaulted so intensely by this cost-effective problems, the offshore regions such as Zhejiang and Guangzhou were damaged more seriously. Because these regions mainly engage in trade products. When the offshore markets went under into situation, the volume of trade followed. When cost-effective problems split out, many middle and businesses split, especially those sectors that need a lot of labors. Therefore, a lot of migrants were jobless. Most of the split organizations are little size businesses without numerous investment. It is very important that we will look for the best and most effective Tilbud Billig, this is to help our world to solve this financial crisis.

Food Crisis Continues

During the credit crisis all over the world and influencing so many of western people, there is some much more dangerous crisis happening in 3rd world countries in Africa and Asia. More than 783 million people don’t have an access to a safe water for drinking or using in their homes. What is more tragic – more than 2,5 billion people doesn’t have access to adequate sanitation. These are worrying numbers as it is more than one third of worlds population.

Food crisis has taken place drastically in recent years as the human population grows and it becomes hard to support it with food. There is not much land for agriculture left either. All this can lead to more than 30% of worlds population starving by year 2020 as said by World Bank. During last 30-50 years tremendous amounts of forests in Africa, Asia and south America has been cleared to gain wood and land, however the land is not usable in agriculture for growing crops. Droughts in Africa lately has raised the food prices and the poorer people can not afford food and starve.

Droughts have severe economic, nutritional and poverty effects. It is not only the 3rd world countries in the risk of food or water crisis. Nowadays because of weather change droughts are often developed even in US and Europe. Because of dry weather there has been incredible decrease of maize and soybeen crops in US. Therefor no one is protected. We have to think of better and more effective ways to produce food and grow crops. The forests and original biospheres should be saved as they help preventing droughts as well as produce oxygen.

In looking for better ways in producing food it can be always suggested to check  good baking tips for saving money, water and time. Such small actions could give a little but important benefit to everyone. Take a look at for some great tips on baking delicious cakes and other bakery products. Take your action and help fighting poverty now!