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How can Recovery Auditing Save your Business Money

Many big and even smaller companies work with a few vendors or outside contractors. These vendors/contractors are expected to perform a certain task a certain rate that was agreed upon. However, in my business fields some of these vendors/contractors will agree on an expected price and then charge something different. In the construction field this is a very common practice in bidding.

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A lot of construction contractors will bid low to get a job and then charge extra on materials or labor to make up the money they underbid. Most businesses are prone to these shady business dealings but have no way to solve the problem. However, today you can hire a recovery audit contractor who can help with this problem. In this article we will talk about what a recovery auditor is and how he can help discover money you never thought you had.

To begin a recovery auditor is an accountant or person who is able to analyze all your bills and understand if there are any over charges. They look for some common billing mistakes and overages people charge in order to find the hidden gems. If the auditor find an area where a contractor/vendor has over billed you they then go to work to collect any unnecessary payments. The auditor will use the law and negotiation to work with the contractor/vendor to ensure they pay you back partially or in full for any overages they have billed. The goal for the auditor is to ensure you stop getting ripped off and work with companies who won’t try and steal your money.

Their skills are not cheap but in most cases it’s a wise investment and will pay dividends in the long run. They rarely charge upfront fees and therefore the costs can only be assessed when complete. Management can sit back and relax while the process takes place identifying cost savings and inefficiencies in the organisation. For example network and process specialists can analyse workflows and productivity. Typically they’ll find ways that efficiency can be improved and also identify issues. Employees who waste time on social Media or watching Match of the Day online using the company’s valuable network for instance.

So the major question you might be asking is how does the auditor make any money? Well most recovery audit firms actually work on a percentage recovered fee. That means that you as a business will pay absolutely nothing to have them analyze your books and discover any businesses that might be ripping you off. With recovery auditing you can help alleviate the debt crisis you might be facing at your own company.

Stress and Debt

All too often we find that debt discourages people from doing the things that they enjoy, from going on holidays to giving up hobbies that they find it hard to justify financially.

Debt causes people stress, they find it hard to sleep, and aggression levels rise and tensions among loved ones get fiery and heated. The stress causes people to do unspeakable things and this resonates with families and friends and then with other people who find themselves in the same situation.

Once you are in this cycle of stress, and worrying about money coming in and going out, it can be difficult to stop falling into a spiral of depression. Debt comes around for a variety of different reasons, and if a person gets made redundant for example it may not necessarily be there fault immediately. The recession has meant that companies are being forced to lay off their employees and then those that do get laid off find it difficult to find work again.

As the stress and tensions rise, people begin to make more mistakes and could end up making the situation worse for them when they simply do not have to. Charities and workplaces should think about putting a scheme into place whereby people can still do the things that they enjoy like going on holidays and taking part in activities, even if it means supplying a pair of new trainers so that someone in debt can enjoy running, a well know form of stress relief. I believe that if something was put into place, people would be able to relieve their stresses and think about getting out of their debt with more clarity.

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Poland Economy Still Strong

It seems that for most countries in Europe having your own currency is a bit of an advantage.  Poland has certainly benefited from maintaining a flexible exchange rate with the Zloty during the economic crisis.  It’s an important factor to consider as the debate on whether to adopt the euro is happening right now.

Poland is the European Union’s largest Easter economy and critically the only member who have managed to stop their economy sinking into recession.   There is no doubt that the ability to adapt and implement monetary policy helped the Polish Government sidestep the worst of the economic crash.

The Polish Government hoever did pledge to join the Euro when it joined the EU back in 2004, it is said is still keen to do so.  However economists have estimated the effects of being in the Euro during the last five years and it’s a sobering report.  The study suggests that the economy would have swung wildly between 6 percent reduction and nearly 10% growth during the last 5 years.  Outside the Euro the Polish economy has grown consitently between 1 and 7% in total.

Poland still has it’s problems – unemployment is still around 15% and shows no signs of falling back.  This is also despite the huge exodus of Polish workers to other EU countries.  There are millions of Poles working abroad, a large proportion in the United Kingdom.  This has led to a great demand for Polish goods and services in the UK ranging from food, drink and even a Polish proxy like this – so they can watch Polish TV over the internet. It’s a simple process which just involves changing your IP address by sitting behind a proxy server, you can see more here.

One things for sure, the stakes are high for the Euro and if a thriving economy like Poland stalls on joining the Eurozone then it will not look good.  The Euro needs strong economies to reinforce the union and the currency alike but will the Polish people be keen on the risk it involves?

Cutting Out The Fat Cats

All major companies have a small group at the higher end of the pay scale that, to most casual observers, appear to make far too much money in comparison to their actual workload. The majority of the workforce will work long and hard, awkward hours and sacrifice their home lives for their work lives and often see little reward for their efforts while certain people sit up in their ivory towers making the decisions and pay cuts that will not affect their own wages.

While this may not be true of all companies it is of some and trimming the fat off some of the fat cats is the way to do it, and I am not talking about the physical weight like here, but spreading some of the wealth throughout a company will without doubt make a difference.

Listening to the staff will make a difference because a happier workforce is a more productive workforce and will make a difference if they actually get to have a say in how the business is run.

The way the market is at the moment it is unlikely that anyone will make such a dramatic change but maybe that is what is needed. One company to get the courage to make the change and then perhaps others will follow.

It may be a number of years before we see such changes but fingers crossed they are in the future and on the way.

The Search for a Solution to the African Debt Crisis


What does an online marketing company have to do with the African debt crisis? Think of it this way: investors and creditors can make quite a profit from lending out to African investors. Many African countries have been borrowing heavily in the years following the debt cancellation and numerous financial aid programs that gave almost every African country a clean slate. Now the competition to be the leading debtor to African investors has gone so tight you’ll be hard-pressed to get an audience.

One Lender Over the Next

The ONE and Jubilee 2000 campaigns were what started the ball rolling. They helped clean the debt records of most African countries. However right after this many African countries started acquiring debts here and there, knowing that their credit records were clean. The economy immediately collapsed back into poverty right after the initial aid.

This means if you are an online debtor targeting the African economy you have a lot of opportunity being limited by competition. Your online lending site will struggle because there are just so many others out there trying to reach out to every African country and their investors. That brings everything back to the beginning – the need for an online marketing company.

What an Internet Marketing Company Can Do For a Lender

An internet marketing company can do the one thing that others cannot – bring traffic to your site. So if you want to target the saturated African economy you need to make sure those hungry investors find you first before they stumble upon other lending companies. To make sure you get all the attention and traffic it is best to rely on a professional team that has the skills, knowledge, and experience to put you ahead of the rest. If you want to get those hungry investors, hiring a good online marketing company will go a long way.

The Plight of the African Miners

It’s a familiar story but for platinum miner, James Ntseane it is having a huge impact on his life.  A few years ago he borrowed about $900 to pay for a family funeral from african Bank Investments.  Shortly after he borrowed some more money for a house extension and then a new sofa.  A few years later and his loan has spiralled to almost 31000 rand, his repayment difficulties now mean that 13% of his salary is now automatically deducted to service the loan.  He has know idea how much interest he is paying simply that he struggles to exists on what is left of his salary.

There are now millions of South Africans in serious levels of debt.  But this is not the low interest, secured debt that many people take for granted.  There is a flourishing market in South Africa with firms providing easy terms on unsecured loans.  Unfortunately these are often on very high interest levels of about 80% being very common.

The South african miners have of course been in the news over the last few months.  The strikes last year claimed 46 lives during the violence surrounding the miners protests over pay.  There is no doubt that this spiralling debt has been the reason for many of the unrest with miners simply finding themselves swamped with these unsecured loans.

It is of course a concern for any economy when there is a large value of consumer loans which are not backed up with corresponding assets.  The high levels are a real worry for South Africa’s National Treasury, unsecured debt is now roughly 40% higher than a year ago – a huge increase in a short time.

Many South African miners feel trapped by these debts and low wages.  James Carroni told me that there would definitely be more trouble unless the miners received some help. He said the situation in many ways mirrored some of the problems the UK had in the early 1980s with the closure of so many mines.  I used a proxy server to help me watch UK TV online which I found here – and saw the videos of the UK mining dispute.  The situation could be much worse here especially with the hard handed tactics used by the South African Police.  The African miners are becoming more and more desperate that is for certain.

If you’re interested here’s information on YouTube about where to buy a proxy as specified above.

Use a Paycheck Calculator to Set Your Finances Straight

It’s crucial that you take the time to review your pay to ensure that you’re not paying more than you need to in taxes and reduce your debt load.  A paycheck calculator is a great tool for doing so.

A paycheck Calculator is a very easy way for you to begin looking at the amount of money that you have coming into your account each month. Once you know exactly how much is left over after taxes, you would be able to setup a budget that you could stick to. It would be possible for you to account for your groceries and the amount of clothing that you would need to  worry about on a regular basis. Additionally, you want to leave some movement room for the purpose of expenses that may not come up on a regular basis. These emergency needs should be factored into any decision that you make when thinking about taking on a new job. Do not make the mistake of overlooking taxes and the burden that they can place on your back. Instead, you want to use this calculator in order to understand how much you would be left with once you have gotten rid of the taxes that you are responsible for.

Once this happens, a paycheck calculator would be a simple way for you to budget out the things that you spend your money on most frequently. If you determine a budget based on money that you are not bringing home, it would be very difficult for you to survive without going into debt. However, this calculator can help you to see exactly how much you are left to work with. Once you have a figure, you would be able to determine what this money should go toward. Living a financially responsible life requires access to the right tools. This calculator can be the solution to many of your money problems.

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Relation Between Debt and Hypertension

Multitudes of data suggest that there is a direct link between personal debt and hypertension.  Be sure to track your blood pressure using a BP chart to ensure your health!

Most people in the US are used to hearing the words “hypertension”, “high blood pressure” and “heart disease”. The problem is that a lot of people do not have much specific information about these words. Considering the fact that high blood pressure is a killer disease, having the right information can make the difference between life and death.

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High blood pressure is a very serious medical condition so it is important to understand the causes and the risk factors of this condition. The main function of the heart is to pump blood into the arteries. Blood pressure is simply the force at which the blood pushes against the artery. If the pressure remains high over a period of time, this can lead to serious medical problems.

About 33% of adults in America suffer from high blood pressure. It is actually possible have HBP without being aware of this fact. This is why doctors recommend that people need to get their blood pressure checked every six months. In most cases, if the condition is diagnosed early, it can be controlled with medication and the patient can live a long and productive life.

The blood Pressure Chart usually indicates both a systolic and a diastolic figure. The number above is systolic while the one below is diastolic. The normal blood pressure range is 120 over 80. A blood pressure reading of 140-150 over 90-100 is considered high. People who suffer from hypertension need to take certain drugs to reduce their blood pressure.

Hypotension or low blood pressure is also a dangerous medical condition. People who have this condition may experience dizzy spells and fainting. They may also feel weak and tired most of the time. If the condition is not treated on time, it may lead to a state of comma or even death. Fortunately, hypotension is not as common as hypertension. The best way to prevent hypertension is to eat well, exercise and keep the weight down.

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