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Turkey’s Economic Recovery

When you think of where Turkey actually is, it’s actually very surprising it has made such a success of it’s economy in the last decade or so.  With it’s borders with Syria and the turmoil there, to the West liles the shattered economies of Greece and Cyprus – the former once the rich rival across the water.  Whilst Turkey has been left banging on the door to the European Union due to it’s many free speech and human righths issues, it’s economy has surged passed it’s Euro neighbours.

There was last month a symbolic moment of payment of it’s IMF debt. Almost to reinforce that paying your bills does pay in todays world, Turkey had it’s credit rating raised by several agencies including Moodys.  Ten years ago it was a different story with the country running out of room to fit more zeros ion it’s currency and a horrible inflation rate crippling it’s people.

This is the first time in fifty years that Turkey is going to be a net creditor to the IMF. There are signs all around that the economy and inequality beginning to fall.  However there is still a marked gap between rich and poor within this country and it’s very visible as you travel around. But the Government has  the people on it’s side with now three consecutive wins for the ruling party.  It has invested heavily in the Country’s infrastructure, high speed rail links and improving roads especially to some of the rural areas.

Importantly much of this investment in the infrastructure has benefited Turkish firms.  There are many successful Turkish building, construction and engineering firms which have carried out much of this work.  Certainly Turkey has few of the huge resource benefits that many of it’s neighbours have so the growth has been organically grown through economic policy.

It does show that success is possible in todays turbulent world, it was only in 2003 when Turkey was calling for emergency rescue from the IMF.  However today Turkey’s Government debt is only 40% compared to the 70-85% that you’ll find in the ’successful’ European economies.

There are worries in Turkey though, although Government debt is relatively low, the level of private debt is rising very quickly.  It is too soon to say that Turkey is following the route of Europe with a boom funded by consumer credit but there are certainly signs there. There are still issue with human rights though which can be seen throughout the country but especially using the internet.  You can see how many restrictions are in place simply by surfing through a Turkish Proxy – like this  There are many issues with equal rights as well particularly effecting the gay community in the country.

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How To Get A Handle On Personal Debt

When you find yourself in debt it is important that you take action, otherwise the debt will only get larger and eventually spiral out of control.  Dealing with debt without panicking is very important so following a few simple guidelines can really make things easier.

The first step to dealing with any outstanding debt is to work out exactly what you owe so you can move forward.  Not only do you need to know what and who you owe, but you need to work out which part of your debt is the most important to get paid off first.  These types of debt are your number one priority so you should ensure you contact the people or companies you owe money and set up some kind of arrangement to play them back.  Once you have got to grips with these high priority debts you need to make sure all the others are covered too.  In order to get a grip on this it is worth visiting the Citizens Advice Bureau so they can make you aware of the options that you have at your disposal.

Priority debts are so called because of the consequences that go with not paying them can be catastrophic and so all available cash should go to dealing with these debts.  Examples of priority debts are things such as housing (i.e. mortgage or rent), income tax and child support. Examples of non priority debts would be things such as credit cards, student loans and money owed to family or friends.


Once you have decided on what order you will pay your debt, and the options available to help you, you will then need to look at how to manage your budget so that you can pay off the debt.

This site shows you how to save money on entertainment and use American DNS for Netflix in order to save on subscriptions to cable.  It can also offer various tips on how to maintain a budget.

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IMF After the Crash

I think one of the most interesting aspects of the IMF and the entire global financial structure, is how they can help development in the 3rd world.  Frankly I don’t think it matters if you sell wine gift baskets online or if you’re confronted with major economic questions on a daily basis, we all need to see widening markets.

Take Russia as an example.  In many ways they were more ready than China to see a real resurgence, after all they have every natural resource advtange in the world.  Despite all that, their economy isn’t growing very fast at all beacuse of bad leadership.  I do think though that the IMF helps in that regard, by putting together some benchmarks in terms of infrastructure investment and savings, they encourage countries to get on a better path.

We wanted to share an image showing how bad traffic is, since not enough is being done.  Guys, this isn’t a badge of honor that everyone can own a car.  It’s a lack of investment and planning by the state.  Think of the wasted opportunity by all those sitting in this mess!

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How to Watch UK TV Online in Europe

Exercise in The Gym and World Debt Reduction

It seems strange that these two would go together, but workout in the morning and curing the world debt crisis are two things that go hand in hand. No, it’s not going to be one magic bullet that’s going to solve world debt, but in my opinion it’s going to help quite a lot. You see, as well as getting up early in the morning, people who take action and become motivated to reach their goals also do some form of exercise in the morning.

While this might not be actually going to a gym, pumping some weights and using a personal trainer to boost their fitness levels, and it might be taking the dog for a walk or running on the treadmill at your home, we all should be doing this to engage our brains and clear the clog.

And I’m not the only one that thinks this. If you want to be a CEO, then this article in the WSJ comments on new research that suggests companies are wanting even their top people (such as CEOs and Directors) to be fit and have a healthy lifestyle. I’m guessing that they too have looked at other research that suggests having a fitness regime and a healthy lifestyle helps managers at a higher level think more clearly and make more sound business decisions. A comment from the article states that “A heavy executive is judged to be less capable because of assumptions about how weight affects health and stamina.” Something that we should bear in mind.

Somewhere like shapes gym would be ideal an ideal area to workout. A place where you can relax and workout in some comfort without the chaos and stress from a fitness place in the city where people are always in a rush. I think it’s important to take your time to understand that it’s not just about your workout regime, which is really important, but about the different exercises that you do.

Granted, it might not be the place that some people may go, and I’m sure plenty of people will disagree with me when I say there’s a clear link between fitness levels and debt reduction, but what is to be taken here is the fact that individuals getting up early, exercising, and taking action will help to combat the massive overspending that people do. And this is down to discipline. If you are disciplined enough to get up early in the morning, exercise and get an early start then how good are you going to be with your own finances and the debt of the company you work at? I think quite disciplined. I love to hear your thoughts though.

Use Online Loan Tools to Understand your Personal Debt

Personal Debt is at the root of the recent financial crisis worldwide.  It’s important for citizens in the South to use available online tools such as the PaymentBot to understand personal debt.

All Americans love and appreciate the role played by credit facilities in their lives. These credit facilities can be used to acquire all sorts of products, items, tangible stuff as well as services. They come in different kinds and with varying rates of interest. To understand the cost of borrowing, the repayment calculator amounts and the total cost of the cash, it is important to ensure that there are important opportunities to check and workout the figures involved. There are simple interest loans, compound interest loans and so on. The calculators provided at the online resource PaymentBot will be able to guide the consumer so they make the right choices.

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It is very important to ensure that there are great opportunities for all and sundry to borrow loans. However, such consumers need to have the kind of information necessary to enlighten them. This information can be found at PaymentBot which you should be able to access from most locations, if you have issue try using a US or UK VPN which should make is more accessible. The information contained at this website can be very useful to readers but especially to clients intent on making use of credit facilities. Facilities such as loans can be very useful but only if they are manageable and if the borrower can meet their obligations regarding the repayments without too much problem.

Sometimes consumers take out loans and credit cards and then get shocked later when they learn of the levels of interest charged or the amount of interest they have to pay. Instead of getting shocked when it is too late, it is much better to be initially reformed. This basically means that it is easier to acquire information regarding the credit before actually signing up. This all gets down to the fact that the calculators will provide useful information that will enable consumers make the right decisions regarding their credit facilities. This is why PaymentBot is so important and exciting for all consumers.

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How the crisis also hits iPhone sales

Apple is one of the most successful companies in the US and in the Smartphone industry at large. The company worth billions of dollars has been able to make great profits especially with their latest iPhone 5 release which came just after its founder’s death Steve Jobs. Nevertheless, the company isn’t as strong as it’s perceived and sometimes it’s also hit by crisis.  In January 2013, the company was reported that nearly $50 billion was wiped off the companies value after it’s stocks dropped with a 3.2% margin which is one of the biggest ever witnessed in a day.

Though the company had made a whooping $55 billion in quarterly profits after the release of iPhone 5, it seems that the company is having problems and may end up being a victim of its own success according to some specialists. Earlier in January 2013, the company’s shares had also fallen in other parts of the world such as Asia. The company was unable to increase its profits margins as it’s used to each year. According to apple’s spokesperson, the company had made the best part of their profits between October and December 2012 but insists that this wasn’t heir target.

The Free iPhone 6 is expected to be rereleased anywhere before June in order to counter attack Nokia’s release of its new product the Nokia Lumia. Apple is experiencing lots of competition from other companies that are producing Smartphones such as Samsung and Nokia. The main reason as to why apple is experiencing these problems is because their main aim is to sell to the high end market leaving out the lower class where Samsung and Nokia are greatly playing part. Though apple is seen as undergoing a few crisis, some specialists insist that apple is still a successful company and there isn’t any significant threat, only that the investors were overambitious.