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The European Economy


European economy is still a booming market. Europe remains a perfect partner for anyone, when it comes to business here in 2015. Even with the trouble in Greece, most of the other EU countries are doing really well. The economy in Europe fluctuates at the moment, and it is still a growing market. Germany turned out as Europe’s largest national economy that ranks as the fourth globally in GDP (nominal) and fifth in (PPP) purchasing power parity GDP. France follows after Germany that ranks fifth globally in GDP (nominal). After France, United Kingdom follows that ranks sixth globally in GDP (nominal), Italy followed as rank seventh globally in GDP (nominal), Russia followed that ranks as tenth globally in GDP (nominal). These 5 countries rank in the world’s top 10. Therefore, the European economies account for ½ of the 10 wealthiest ones. And right now this economy is just growing. According to the latest data from Paul Kostumer, the is a trend that seems to continue far into the year. European countries become closer together by the end of World War II, culminating in the formation of European Union. By the year 1999, it was the introduction of unified currency that is called “euro”. European Union turned out as the largest and wealthiest economy all around the world. By the year 2009, Europe was still claimed as the wealthiest region around the world. A lot of European companies have also gained a large increase in their econony over the last year. This goes for both large and small companies. One example is which is a danish company selling udklædning and tyroler kostumer. They have in 2014 increase their budget with over 13% compared to 2013, which also showed an increase compared to 2012. This is just one of many examples, and you will see similar cases all over Europe.

With the top 500 largest corporations measured by revenue, 184 have their headquarters in the nation of Europe, 161 are situated in EU, 15 in the country of Switzerland, there are 6 in Russia, 1 in Turkey and 1 in Norway. Manuel Castel was a Spanish sociologist who noted that the average standard of living in Western Europe is very high. As you can see, European economy turned out as breaking news, according to Paul Kostumer. Many countries get alarmed and being jealous because of the success of European countries’ economy. In the year 2008 until present, European country are not having a problem on their economy. They continue to progress and continue to build corporations. A lot of nations envied the wealth of European countries and tried to look out on European’s financial system. With a high and competitive economy in Europe, European people don’t really experience hardship even the poor. Although there are poor people in the nation, they never experience hardship on their standard of living. They can easily look for a source of income. With many commercial building built in Europe, people can easily find jobs.

For the record of unemployed people in Europe, you would find out that it has low percentage of jobless applicants. A lot of applicants are hired and find job easily. The European economy never left behind from any other nations. Although United States is known as largest national economy, European economy will always be on the top of it. In comparison to European economy, it is not just known as largest national economy but wealthiest nation as well. People who wish to work in Europe would surely not be frustrated on the salary they would receive. Many foreigners are enticed to work in Europe. European economy has a very good feedback when it comes on foreign workers. European economy doesn’t only claimed as largest economy but a wealthy nation as well. The economic sectors of Europe are generally highly developed as well.


Combine your loans and lower your debt

Many people these days got several different loans. Paul from Lån has been interviewing over a thousand people the last two years, with regards to where they take a loan and what type of loans they usually apply for. It turned out that in average a person had 2.4 loans and most of the times it was a loan with a very high interest level. A lot of these people could actually save a lot of money every year and lower their debt by taking a new low interest loan and combining their loans into one. As you can see here at Lån it is possible to find a rather cheap loan online where the chances of getting accepted are a lot higher than at the normal banks. The problem with many of these online banks listed at Lån is that it is much too easy to get accepted for many of those online loans and suddenly you find yourself pay of on 3-4 different loans which can easily put you in a debt which can be hard to get out of.
The people from Lån has posted several articles with tips on how to avoid getting into debt by taking the wrong types of loans and other issues you should be aware of if you plan on apply for one of the many online loans. However the best way to stay out of debt it to save up to buy the things you need instead of just borrowing the money every time and don’t buy things you don’t really need which is actually one of the most common problems. People see something nice which they usually can’t afford then borrows the money it at the bank and buys it, a week or two later that item isn’t even interesting anymore but they still have to pay the rates from the loan for many more months. At Lån they seem to think that the way to avoid this trend is to educate people better about the dangers of loans and learn to value money better. Especially younger people with credit cards seems to get into debt a lot easier than the older more experienced people.