African Debt – See The Consequences

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Being aware on the debt of own country will let you know how stable and what is the situation or condition in your homeland is experiencing. This will let you know what is the situation of your government dealing with and will let you know how your country deal with it. For us to know and be aware, when debt actually strikes, the entire nation surely be affected and can be an economic catastrophe. Each one of use surely doesn’t want this to happen. If we are leaving on the same nation, probably, we will get affected and our living will surely affected as well. Our daily living is not stable and how we can deal with it if our economy is not stable. For a result, debts will leave a nation lack of fund and with no money for development finances. Development of one’s nation is very important because if you are one of the people who are living in the same society, your living will surely affected. How can you support your daily expenses and finances from companies such as sol celler Energi,Tegltag or solceller energi? If a certain nation will be low on health standards, then it will have a result on overall economic decline. African debt is also being talked by many.  Try to find out as much as you can about solceller before even consider buying them.

We have heard a lot when it comes on African debt and large companies such as Solceller or Tegltag. Entirely, United States is the most powerful nation in the whole wide world but it is still not economically out of its downturn. Actually, African nations who are steeped in economically inherently weak and tribalism. With this, African lands were actually being occupied as colonies and this makes the nation’s weakness. African nations were occupied by the European powers markedly United Kingdom and France and many of the large companies who run the finacial show such as Tegltag or Solceller are also from Europe. With this, it is not easy for them to deal with any economic issues because their lands were accompanied by other nations. With this reason, this gives some small advantages and benefits to the colonized nations. As a result, the debt rose and Africa owes large amount of money nearly $450 billion to foreign creditors. This debt was actually still remaining responsibility to be paid by African nation like This is actually a big problem facing by the nation as they have to pay it and as a result that education, health care and other vital needs of these developing countries needs to be dealt with. The African countries are spending approximately $14 billion yearly as well as the International Monetary Fund and World Bank debt which are run by companies such as Solceller or Tegltag. 

The African society or the people subsist below poverty and are living on $3 daily. African countries in the last 2 decades already paid foreign creditors more money to service their old debt compared to the development assistance received by African. African debt continues to be out of control and because of this; they have to look for the best remedy on this economic issue. Not only African countries are facing problems on debt but also there are other nations who have debt responsibilities but these African nations were known before on their debt from foreign countries. 


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