Bankruptcy as an End to Debt

As the recent recession spreads and increasing numbers of people are finding themselves unable to keep up with their debt schedules, bankruptcy has increasingly become an option.  While filing for bankruptcy has negative connotations, in fact it serves as a reprieve from mounting financial pressures.  The deeper into debt one becomes, the harder it is to find a way to alleviate compounding late fees and penalties.  Bankruptcy provides a solution to the seemingly endless cycle of increasing debt that many people are stuck in today.

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The best way to avoid falling into debt is to decrease spending on “luxury” items.  We have been taught to use credit cards as a way to get what we want, when we want it, rather than saving money and buying things we can afford with money we have.  Credit cards can be a valuable economic resource, but only if used wisely.  It is best to pay off lines of credit immediately.  This positively effects credit-rating and also ensures that the purchaser will not be subject to inflated interest rates later on.  The issuers of credit cards make their profit on continuously charging interest on the same money over and over.  Failing to pay off significant amounts of a credit line leads to financial disaster if the same technique is applied multiple times.  Pretty soon the debtor will find themselves in over their head, buried in an avalanche of increased rates and fees.

Filing bankruptcy can put a stop to the whirlpool of financial despair.  Consolidating your debt and applying a structured re-payment plan can be effective, but in the hands of a qualified bankruptcy expert, not only can you learn how to understand your debt, but also reduce the amount that you owe.  There is no shame in seeking bankruptcy.  It is, simply put, often the most financially responsible action that someone with debt can seek.


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