My Transition from Debt Hell to Credit Heaven – Was Most Usual

Before I begin I would like to state how important the work of this website is.  It strong stance on anti debt legislation, should be applauded and doubtlessly helps thousands of vulnerable people avoid and reduce debt misery every month.

Now a bit about my story, after almost twenty years operating company of that handled carpet cleaning Glasgow. I thought I was well versed in cash flow and the perils of compound interest.  Sadly when I sold by carpet cleaning business, something strange came over me and I temorally lost all sense of money and value.  So, quickly I got used to having money and being able to throw it about. When previously I had watched every penny and meticulously recorded every singe bottle of carpet shampoo that I purchased, all of a sudden I was throwing money away.

I gave far too much money away to relatives and friends.  Anyone that I vauguely knew who came to me with a sob story or half a busness plan was walking away with a cheque.  I got so used to this that slowly I began to believe that if I didn’t give my money away people would dislike me and start talking about me.

This unhealthy correlation between spending money and affection grew and grew.  When my money was almost spend, it really began to bite and gnaw away at me.  I became paranoid that if the rounds of drinks down the pub, the holidays for family members and the charitable gifts dried up, my friends would turn on me.  Looking back I took the unbelievable step of borrowing money to continue the spending.  After I spend a vast amount of money that literally took me a life time to earn, I foolishly borrowed the same amount of money again.  Knowing at some level I would never be able to repay it.

As you can imagine it all back fired and my friends did turn on me when the cheques started bouncing and investment in their companies never materialised.  I paid the price and eventually learnt my lesson through this website.

I urge your to take head of this advice.

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