Stress and Debt

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All too often we find that debt discourages people from doing the things that they enjoy, from going on holidays to giving up hobbies that they find it hard to justify financially.

Debt causes people stress, they find it hard to sleep, and aggression levels rise and tensions among loved ones get fiery and heated. The stress causes people to do unspeakable things and this resonates with families and friends and then with other people who find themselves in the same situation.

Once you are in this cycle of stress, and worrying about money coming in and going out, it can be difficult to stop falling into a spiral of depression. Debt comes around for a variety of different reasons, and if a person gets made redundant for example it may not necessarily be there fault immediately. The recession has meant that companies are being forced to lay off their employees and then those that do get laid off find it difficult to find work again.

As the stress and tensions rise, people begin to make more mistakes and could end up making the situation worse for them when they simply do not have to. Charities and workplaces should think about putting a scheme into place whereby people can still do the things that they enjoy like going on holidays and taking part in activities, even if it means supplying a pair of new trainers so that someone in debt can enjoy running, a well know form of stress relief. I believe that if something was put into place, people would be able to relieve their stresses and think about getting out of their debt with more clarity.

James Heron

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