IMF and Vineyard Investment

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I think we all know that the idea behind the IMF is pretty simple, it is suppose to help 3rd world countries with investment in order to help them grow their respective economies, while creating long term jobs.

I was talking to a guy who imports some of the best wine gifts from France every year and he was telling me that he’s heard that certain industries, with wine being an example, that are completely exempt from being able to receive funding.

Given that the best performing region of the American economy right now is California and San Francisco in peculiar, I have to wonder if that’s a smart choice.  While SF certainly exists largely because of Silicon Valley and the tech industry, the wine and larger food industry has employed millions of people, while helping to grow a locally grown movement, further enhnacing the local economy.

Given some of the challenges with the IMF, it’s worth a shot isn’t it?

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