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Is the Eurozone Finally Recovering?

It seems like years since we had some genuinely positive news about the eurozone’s economic outlook.  So for many the news that the economy of the eurozone has grown by 0.4% in the first three months of the year was well over due.  The official figures show that the recovery is beginning to speed up slightly, although many forecasters had been predicting a slightly larger rise than this.

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The trend is encouraging though with this fastest quarter growth results for a couple of years.  The growth is still slow but it’s looking sustainable and showing the possibility that it may increase.

There were other figures released before then which are of interest to eurozone economists.  Germany’s economic growth was actually below the average at 0.3%, which represents a significant slow down from the previous 0.7% growth figure for the last quarter of 2014.   The positive signs in the German economy in the areas of private consumption and investment in construction which both rose, were countered by a surprising fall in German exports.

Inflation in Germany is under control and is under the current ECB target of 2% or under.  Most European countries have fairly well controlled inflation in fact the concerns are usually around the level being too low.  An interesting economic documentary covered the risks of deflation, you can still catch the programme on the BBC iPlayer application although you’ll need to connect through a UK proxy to view it.

One of the bigger surprises was the long awaited improvement of the French recovery.  The economy also hit a two year high for growth with it rising an impressive 0.6%.  There are reports that confidence is returning to the economy with French consumer spending growing by 1.6%, although some of this will be due to the lower oil prices and the relatively weak euro rate.  Industrial production levels are also on the rise, with a four year high being recorded.

Other countries are also fairing better with Italy also recording growth figures, for the first time in several years.  Spain topped the Euro growth charts with a recorded 0.9% improvement in it’s economy, the fastest rate for eight years.

How much of this is a result of external factors like the fall in oil prices and the weak currency is difficult to tell.  There is no doubt that there are several factors which are helping plus the increased level of fiscal stimulus from the European Central Bank. There is little doubt that the majority of this growth is being fuelled by domestic demand which would be similar to the initial recover in the UK economy too.

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Economical Holidays

When we think about going on holiday, our mind conjures thoughts of drinking exotic beverages in faraway lands lying on glorious golden sand. We then begin to think about the cost of enjoying such luxuries and the images soon disappear. You can be forgiven for forgetting that there are some fantastic holidays to be had within the UK.

In the South West of England you’ll find the gorgeous counties of Devon, Cornwall, and Somerset. Here you’ll find some of the best beaches in the world. Newquay in particular is widely acknowledged as the home of surfing in the UK. If surfing is not your thing, then the beaches here offer plenty of space for building the biggest sandcastles. In the South west you’ll find a range of accommodation that suits all needs and tastes.

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On the South Coast you’ll find the beautiful county of Dorset. There is so much local charm to be found in the picturesque villages here and they are as perfect in the winter as they are in the summer. If you want to enjoy an active break, then you could try walking along the Jurassic coast and discovering over 200 million years of history.

If you head over the border into the enchanting country of Wales you’ll find rolling, emerald hills that are perfect for exploring, but beware, there may be a giant or two lurking around the corner. Also, it may be surprising to find out that Wales is also home to 42 blue flag beaches, an honour bestowed upon only the cleanest and safest beaches.

Remember that holidays do not have to cost the earth, and you are able to enjoy the perfect stay-cation in Wales and the South West of England.

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