Are Prospects Improving for the Canadian Economy

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Canada has had a rough few years, which might surprise a lot of people who don’t watch international movements of economies. It initially weathered the global 2008 crash better than most economies mainly because it wasn’t as heavily reliant on the banking sector and they weren’t required to bailout institutions to the extent of the US and European governments.


However they have been impacted by the global slump in economic prosperity partly because this has caused such a fall in oil prices. There are many countries across the world who’s economic success is currently linked directly to the oil price and Canada is definitely in that category.

However economists are particularly worried about the growth of private debt that has been occurring despite this economic slowdown. Some experts think that Canadians have continued to spend and borrow too much over the last few years. House prices and the levels of debt have grown consistently and Mark Warner the previous governor of the Bank of Canada consistently warned of this while he was in office.

The figures are worrying, in March a report stated that Canadians hold about $1.32 for every $1 of disposable income in 2014, this represents a record high for Canada. Some economists are not worried about these numbers arguing that net asset values and worth are also rising steadily to support these debts.

The standpoints vary depending on whether you think that you compare the level of debt to the level of income or net worth.

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