Cutting Out The Fat Cats

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All major companies have a small group at the higher end of the pay scale that, to most casual observers, appear to make far too much money in comparison to their actual workload. The majority of the workforce will work long and hard, awkward hours and sacrifice their home lives for their work lives and often see little reward for their efforts while certain people sit up in their ivory towers making the decisions and pay cuts that will not affect their own wages.

While this may not be true of all companies it is of some and trimming the fat off some of the fat cats is the way to do it, and I am not talking about the physical weight like here, but spreading some of the wealth throughout a company will without doubt make a difference.

Listening to the staff will make a difference because a happier workforce is a more productive workforce and will make a difference if they actually get to have a say in how the business is run.

The way the market is at the moment it is unlikely that anyone will make such a dramatic change but maybe that is what is needed. One company to get the courage to make the change and then perhaps others will follow.

It may be a number of years before we see such changes but fingers crossed they are in the future and on the way.

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