Globalisation and Tourism

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Although there are some positive aspects of globalisation, for example, the ability to experience different cultures through food and music without having to travel across continents, there are also many downsides.

It has led to a very stereotypical view of the world. Because of globalisation, we have an opinion about different cultures without having experienced them firsthand. This can be dangerous as our culture will always seem superior compared to others, particularly when it comes to political opinion, or the reporting of news from other countries.

This can often cause some upset and local issues when people see their own culture overrun by those imported overseas.  This was often the cause of problems in France where the pervasiveness of US fast food outlets caused much concern.  You can actually see some of the reports of these problems in the archives of French TV stations, although you’ll need a French proxy like this to access from outside the country.

Similarly, although there are rules against big businesses monopolising the markets, we still see it in action. Tourism is huge, and the big brands know this, it is why there is a chain at some of the biggest tourism sites across the world. Perhaps the most bizarre example of this is the McDonalds’ restaurant that is located a mile away from the Dachau concentration camp in Germany. There seems to be little consideration about the local businesses that simply cannot afford to compete with the corporations.

It could also be argued that because businesses are attracted to the sites that attract the most tourists, they are destroying the local community. This can be in many different ways such as the building of main roads which could potentially remove great scenic cycling or walking routes.

Although these well-known brands may increase visitors or through traffic to a location which may in turn help the local economy, it is important to preserve local cultures and environments otherwise everywhere in the world will be the same.

It is also important to help those who cannot help themselves. If a nation does not have to means to join the ‘global village’ it may become lost, as less attention will be paid to it. To put in another way, if a nation has nothing to offer for globalisation, it will not become a part of the global community.

We have come to terms that we live in a world that is connected, but to be connected you need to be able to offer something in return, whether it is a financial offering or something else, this is a clear disadvantage to the poorer nations of the world.

James Cameron

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