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Africa – Economic Growth Set to Rise

If you live in North America or Europe it’s easy to get sucked in to this global depression scenario.  The fact is that not everyone is on a downward slope of stagnant growth and escalating debt – African economies are actually growing now faster than ever.  The continent that has long been the ’basket case’ of the world is now looking at average growth rates of 6%, a level European economies can only dream about.

But there’s more, in some of the major no go areas, investment is beginning to flood in. The latest boost is the report issues by the IIF (Institute for International Finance), who have spent some time analysing the African figures to see if these growth figures really stand up to scrutiny.  Their conclusion is that behind Asia, Africa is the fastest growing area in the world.

The IIF are not that well known outside the financial markets but they are hugely influential and respected by investors and financial bodies.  The positive report is a huge step for encouraging more investment from the big financial investors across the globe.  The main reason that finally Africa is starting to grow is the progress in stabilizing the countries.  Most African nations have put in more stable governments and their economies are finally looking somewhere you can invest safely.

There is a little problem however with some of their research, the report does cover African nations but only seven of them.  Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania are some of the success stories, stabilising their economies on the backs of some significant mineral resources.  They are still relatively poor countries but the fruits of a stable government are beginning to show encouraging signs.

If you’re interested in keeping up to date with all the global financial markets, there are a host of excellent programmes on BBC TV and radio.  If you’re outside the UK you can access these sites, by using a proxy server, this site shows you how to access UK TV online –  So if you’re beginning to get frustrated with the investment options in Europe or the US, check out some of the African nations who have overcome their difficulties – they are out there.

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